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Pearson Test of English

The Pearson Test of English is an international English proficiency test for children aged 5 to 12 years.

The examinations are conducted in a relaxed, fun-filled manner to fully test children's reading, writing, listening and speaking.

The PTE Children's English Test is internationally accredited and can be used as a language proficiency assessment indicator for pupils studying abroad to help children enter the desired school.


  • Familiarize yourself with the types of questions for each paper and increase their confidence in the test
  • Learn how to use English in different situations
  • In the listening test, one can accurately listen to a series of questions asked by the examiner and respond with confidence.
  • Ability to choose the right response when handling written and oral instructions related to pictures
  • Deepen the process of understanding, comprehending and composing the vocabulary and structure within the scope of the exam
  • Master reading skills and in-depth understanding of the meaning of different types of articles in each exam
  • In the exam, students can flexibly use the writing skills they learn in the classroom, smoothly writing words and phrases, and even short passages and entire articles.

PTE Children's English Test



  • Written assessment of candidates' ability to read, write and listen
  • Candidates' verbal communication ability is assessed by their oral presentation. The scores are based on the candidates’ English presentations and on the interaction with other candidates when participating in board games.
  • Simulate the real situation - the theme of the Brown family's life story



  • Hong Kong is held twice a year (approximately May and November)

       Firstwords, Springboard, Quickmarch

  • Written test: 1 hour
  • Interview: 20 minutes


  • Written test: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Interview: 20 minutes
  • About 12 weeks after the exam
  • Rating: Distinction (Excellent), Merit (Good), Pass (Failure), Fail (Fail)



First Level: Preparation (Firstwords)


  • K1 to Primary 2
  • Suitable for English as a Primary One

Level 2: Start (Springboard)


  • Primary 1 to Primary 3
  • Suitable for English as a Primary One

Level 3: Progress (Quickmarch)


  • Primary 2 to Primary 5

Level 4: Breakthrough


  • Primary 4 to Primary 6
  • (Appropriate to apply for English qualification for S1)