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Cherry Tree Phonics

Cherry Tree Phonics Course : This course is designed to teach  students aged 2 to 6 for blending letters. The course teaches children in an activity-based way.


The course covers monotonous to mixed-to-speech vocabulary spelling. It teaches students how to learn phonetics for students of all ages.


In addition, in order to improve students' interest in learning, the course will use activities such as drawing, games, etc. to create a pleasant learning environment.

The school's curriculum is taught by foreign English teachers so that young children get used to learning in an English-speaking environment and increase their opportunity of communicating in English.


  • Target: 2 years old to 6 years old
  • Adopting a self-published Cherry Tree Phonics textbook to ensure teaching quality
  • Teaching children in an activity-based manner so that children can learn more words and blending
  • Covers spelling from mono to mixed syllables
  • The entire course lasts from about nine months to one year, depending on the student’s progress
  • Teacher-student ratio 1:5 Small class teaching
  • All classes are taught by foreign English teachers and guaranteed full English instruction
  • Free assessment for a comprehensive analysis of students’ English proficiency