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Cambridge - KET/PET

Cambridge English: Certificate Level 1 Cambridge English:  Key (KET)


Cambridge English: Certificate Level 2 Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET)



The Cambridge Major Level Test (KET) and the Cambridge Major Level Test Level 2 (PET), organized by the Cambridge University Examinations Authority, are basic English language proficiency tests designed to assess the progress of learning and the ability to use English daily. There is no lower age limitation for this exam. Parents should first understand their English level and their ability to take the exam before registering for their children. As the two examination certificates are widely recognized by the international community, and are generally recognized by the Hong Kong academic community, some parents will use this as an application for secondary school.


The Cherry Tree Cambridge KET / PET program effectively enhances students' abilities in listening, reading, writing and conversation, and enhances students' confidence in the use of English. The course also includes different English grammars and writing applications to help students improve their English performance. Cherry Tree adopts small class teaching. Teachers can help students understand their strengths in English and gradually improve their English proficiency.


  • Target: Primary 6 to 3
  • Use of textbooks published by Cambridge University Press 
  • Teacher-student ratio 1:3 small class teaching
  • All classes are taught by foreign English teachers and guaranteed full English instruction
  • A free assessment is provided for a comprehensive analysis of students’ English proficiency



Cambridge English: Certificate Level 1 Cambridge English: Key (KET)


  • Designed to test the basic English level 
  • Language proficiency is equivalent to the European Language Teaching and Testing Standard (CEF) Level A2
  • Grade recommended for study: P.6-F.1



Cambridge English: Certificate Level 2 Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET)


  • Language proficiency equivalent to European Language Common Reference Framework (CEF) B1 level
  • The ability of students to reach primary to intermediate levels
  • Grades proposed for admission: F.2-F.3



KET and PET each include three papers:


  • Reading and Writing- To test understanding of the article - Ability to deal with strange words and sentences - Writing questions include writing essays, stories or letters
  • Listening- Tests the ability to understand conversations and monologues - Content is drawn from daily life
  • Speaking- With two examiners in the form of two candidates - in addition to the interview with the examiner, the two candidates also need to ask questions and talk to each other - test to ask and answer questions about their own ability, talk about personal likes and dislikes