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Our meticulously-prepared curriculum comprehensively covers exam, listening, reading and writing test techniques so that your children can take the test with confidence and achieve the best results they can achieve.


  • All classes are taught by foreign English teachers and guaranteed full English instruction
  • All our teachers have many years of teaching experience in English. They use easy-to-learn teaching methods, which include word cards, listening CDs, games, etc.
  • The teacher-student ratio is 1:5. Teaching in small classes will enable teachers to follow student progress.
  • 60 minutes per class
  • The school premises meets the requirements of the Education Department, including classroom facilities, fire escapes, etc.
  • There are regular courses to choose from Monday to Sunday to better match the student's study time
  • Provide student handbooks. Each lesson is filled in by the teacher so that parents can clearly understand their progress
  • Special free assessments to students are provided to analysis of students' English proficiency. Parents are welcome to make appointments and visit school buildings.